Lydia Williams




Lydia Williams graduated from Manchester Met with a degree in Embroidery but specialises in hand woven fabrics. Within her work she experiments with a range of techniques and I was particularly inspired by her hand painted weaves. I thought they would be a great way for me to progress my work. I want to use weave as a metaphor for the textile trades in Marrakech however I feel that by using paper and hand painting weaves will allow me to easily incorporate all the cultures in Marrakech. Moroccofinalweaves1

This weave was constructed from an image of the Koutoubia, which is the largest Mosque in Marrakech. I used this as the warp threads of the weave and painted the weft threads in ink. I used the colours of the Jardin Majorelle to bring in the contrasting modern art. I also used a minimal weave structure in the painting.


I used a similar process in this weave. I used one of my photos of islamic tiling and painted a Berber pattern over the top. I really liked the combination of colours in the weaves and how the patterns tied in well.


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