Kate Williams


Unknown-1Kate Williams’ work was eye catching to me as I wanted to bring in more colour into my  work. I feel that the weaves that I created didn’t have a particular colour scheme and I feel that this effected the pieces and how they represented the Marrakech.

I feel that the colour was really important in Marrakech. There are plenty of options for colour ways inspired by Marrakech but I would like to use an array of colours. This will allow me to combine all the culture in Marrakech.

I decided to paint strips of colour found in my photographs. They were founded from different places in Marrakech; Jardin Majorelle; Souks and Islamic colleges.


This woven piece was mainly inspired by Berber culture. In Marrakech I took a day trip out to the Ouzoud Waterfalls and we visited a Berber Village. It was a fascinating day to leave the modern Marrakech which is a fusion of Islamic and African culture back to a Berber village. I felt like I got to see the native culture of the Saharan people.  This image captured the rural area of the Atlas Mountains and the traditional use of donkeys in Marrakech.  The stripes of colour are combinations of natural colours from Marrakech and the modern art of the Jardin Majorelle.


This piece was a combination of two photographs. One photograph is of the Jardin Marjorelle and the other of the top of the Marrakech Museum. Each photo captured the different colours of Marrakech. I then added strips of blue and yellow into the design with embroidery floss.

I feel that both of these woven designs represent the colours of Marrakech. I feel that the colour is really important to represent the culture; the colours in Marrakech are purposeful. The Terracotta/Pink colour of the buildings is to blend in with the landscape and to remain cool in the heat. The colour represents the climate of Marrakech.


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