Ines Seidel

I have really enjoyed creating the paper weaves. I feel they have allowed me to concentrate on portraying the material culture of Marrakech. However now I want to  bring in more textiles into the work.  I had spent so much time making a loom and learning basic techniques so I wanted to bring that back in. The craftsmen and the trade was something I found so fascinating to see all the skills.

Therefore I looked for an artist who could give me some inspiration for to do this. I found Ines Seidel and as an artist they use an array of objects,books and found materials. 7a1b43da171a6db067a5ba97f04182e0

I found this piece particularly inspiring and relevant. It gave me ideas of how to bring textiles back into my work. After dying my own fabrics and yarns I wanted to bring these into my work. Moroccofinalweaves5

*Scanned in Weave*

I chose to bring in an image of the islamic college into the weft threads. I broke down the image with the woven textures. The warp threads were hand dyed and so were the tassels. The hand-rendered techniques emulates the craftsmen of Morocco. I also wanted to bring in leather to represent one of the leading trades in Marrakech. I decided to bring in a Berber pattern to combine the cultures. I decided to hand stitch it into the design.


This final weave was more experimental than most. I wanted to combine culture, colour and technique. I alternated two photographs as the weft threads; one of Berber patterns and one of Islamic tiling. The collaboration of patterns emphasises my purpose of combining all the cultures that fuse in Marrakech. The warp thread was hand dyed to the colour of the Marrakech buildings. I also brought in touches of leather and colours of the Jardin Marjorelle. This was to show all of the aspects that I found most inspiring in Marrakech.



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