Developing My Prints

In my hypothetical brief I specified that the designs will be hand rendered with screen printing and hand embroidery. Therefore today I spent sometime developing my prints by adding simple hand embroidery stitches.

One of my border designs didn’t print as cleanly as I would have liked. Therefore I stitched a zip zag along the edge of the design it neatened up the edges and added texture. I then added a running stitch along the bottom to emphasis the border design.

On my flock design was a simple design and I wanted to bring in some other colours from the palette. Throughout the design I added french knots sporadically throughout the design. It tied in well with the spiralling edges to the design. I also added very subtle straight stitches to the design, I felt this would add a subtle striped/checked design. The stitches are very subtle but I didn’t want to add anything to garish as it wouldn’t be in keeping with Bedecks easy to live with style.

Within my subject feedback it was mentioned that the fabric manipulation sample was a good part of the collection. I wanted to redo it as the previous one was done as an experiment, which fortunately turned out well. I therefore reprinted the design and smocked the design with a pink embroidery floss. It has made a feature of the stitching to create the smock design.

Im glad that I spent the time to add the stitching to my designs. It hit points that I had made in my brief and also created an artisan feel to the work. I would like to develop this style more and to proceed with it next year.


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