Displaying: Rajasthan

Now that I have nearly completed my Rajasthan prints I have time to now think about how I would like them displayed. When initially finishing the project before christmas it was discussed that it would be difficult to find the correct lighting and fabric to be able to see all the way through the pieces. Therefore I created cutouts within the doorways. When I was in India I learnt that the doorways were always so beautifully decorated because the threshold was important to their religion and culture. Therefore I felt that the doorways would be a good way to symbolise my journey though Rajasthan. My journey is important to me as it changed me as a textile designer, it made me think more and more about our western industries but also the craftsmanship that can go into textile design.

Therefore I have decided that the 3 pieces shall be suspended from an array of heights so each of the new doorways can match up and can be seen through. The pieces will be far enough apart so that from the side they can viewed individually but from the front they look like on piece. The piece will also be away from the wall suggesting that the journey has no ended and can be added to in the future.

*This is an example of how the doorways will match up*




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