Field and Subject Combined

The field modules filtered so well into my subject work. There is obvious links between my subject work and the textile industries in Rajasthan and Morocco. On my travels all the craftsmen were unmissable and it was inspiring to see all of the processes passed down from generation to generation. Since coming back to the UK and mu subject work I have found a new interest in the process of creating my work. Previously I was overly concerned about the polished finish to my work and now I want the tactile handmade feel and look. I feel now that the hand made process can completely change a collection and add so much more to a design. I have started looking into Lino cutting but I have only scratched the surface with it. I want to research and experiment with this more over the summer as I would like to use hand printing techniques in my final year work.

I have always found my drawings simple and after developing my initial research in my Morocco module I have tried to push the boundaries a bit more. Using materials such as watercolour and ink freed the work more and created different styles. Also working in collage has allowed to really experiment with altering images and how combing different substrates has allowed me to really see different possibilities for my primary research.

Within both of the modules I really enjoyed working along side students from different disciplines and it was fascinating to see how they were going to tackle the same brief. Talking to the other people gave me different ideas and ways of thinking outside of my usual textiles box. I think that this way of working will really help me next year to think of all the possible ways of creating my work.

My personal strengths have changed and developed. I feel that both modules allowed me to look at textiles in a new light and allowed me to be more analytical with my choice of process and materials. It has allowed to think about things in much deeper ways and to develop my practice in terms of process and technique. It has also taught me how to take inspiration from different cultures and combine this fully with my work. I definitely feel now that the best way to research is by fully immersing yourself in it.


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