The End of Subject

My subject work was something that I wanted to develop because I wasn’t completely happy with my collection. In the past couple of weeks I have developed the designs as I didn’t feel that they were up to a professional standard. Also after completing my field modules I wanted to spend more and more time in the print studio printing and this has developed my collection. I really enjoyed spending my time in the print studio and the processes involved in screen printing. This is something I would like to carry onto next year and into my final collections. I also have started looking into Lino printing in my field modules and I would like to develop it along side my screen printing.

In my feedback it mentioned that I hadn’t done much stitch so I decided to add some hand stitching to the designs. This added the another texture to the work and this is something I had written in my hypothetical brief. Also in my feedback  it was discussed that I hadn’t worked on backgrounds and I can completely see how important they can be. I decided to print on Navy as well as the lighter cream and this simple background changed lifted the collection and the designs. In future I would like to spend more time thinking about backgrounds. I would like to either create them using different mark making techniques or experimenting with dying my own fabric. I haven’t done much dying this week and I would like to do more research over the summer and do more of it next year.

The Buddy System in this term has really allowed me to understand the professional standard required next year. Simple things can make a huge different and I have changed a few things in my collection. I put all my samples on headers and stitched them to give them a professional finish. I also reprinted most of my collection to clean up the prints and to give them a more professional finish.

Over the summer I have some plans to go and see some exhibitions and to visit New designers. I hope this will allow me to see if I want to be involved with it next year. Also in my feedback I was suggested to develop my drawing books and over the summer I wish to do this. I will be doing some travelling and will take sketchbooks with me. After developing my primary research in my field modules I realised I like using watercolour and inks to create a background and then adding detail with a fine liner.


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