Subject: International Greetings Brief

Today was the first day of third year and it was quite daunting. I think its because everything has been building up to this year. Its really important for me to make time for my dissertation and I think I need to designate specific days for it. Otherwise I will just do my Subject work because I prefer it, massively.

After going through the Brief I feel much better about it and Im really excited to get stuck into it. Over the summer Ive been looking at stationary and gift wrapping in a broad theme. I know that I would like to do hand printing as I feel that this is my strength. I feel that I am drawn to option 1 as I feel I am a print maker.

In the Summer I was very lucky to travel to Hong Kong and Croatia. With these trips on top of my India and Morocco experiences from second year gives a real driving force to use travel and culture as a theme for this project. I look forward to the IG visit as I feel that it will clarify it all in my mind.


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