International Greetings Visit

Today we visited the International Greetings Studio and met the team. It was a great opportunity to see a working studio and seeing Kelly working away really rang home how amazing this opportunity is.

It was great to get some background information on the company and what they do. They aren’t a well known company in wales but they design and distribute to over 30 clients.  They even do the Queens Crackers. They produce wrap, cards, ribbons, crackers, bags, stationary etc. They have three different “jobs”. They have two in house collections; Tom Smith and Giftmaker. The Tom Smith Range is a more luxurious brand and this can be clearly seen in the finishes of the products. The Giftmaker is a step down from this however the design is still good. The two ranges have two very different markets. As a design studio they also do Bespoke Business; when a client wants their own collection. They get sent design boards and they start from there.

Sarah made us very aware of the struggle of learning how to design for manufacture. She wants us to be aware of this but not worry about it too much. She wants us to bring a textiles spin to the paper market.

I feel that I want to experiment with the finishes of my products. They also have a Good, Better, Best ranking system to each trend and these all have different finishes etc.

Sarah gave us so much advise on the project and general working life. She made it clear that she’s happy to give out as many prizes as she thinks are deserved.  She wants us to be honest about our skills and harness these to our advantage. She’s very interested in texture and what textiles we can bring to paper. We have a lot of work ahead of us so we should try to be specific about our theme and occasion so we can concentrate on it fully. We also need to get the mood boards done quickly.

After talking to Sarah she really wants us to experiment and not play it safe. Therefore I think I might do Option 2: Cards as I feel that it will challenge me more and more. It will push my illustration skills which I sometimes push to the side.


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