Initial Drawings of Hong Kong

Now I have realised that I want my cards to be based around travel I have looked to my own travels for inspiration. I decided to start with Hong Kong because there is a wide variety of architecture and patterns. It is also a place that embodies east meets west. It was has all the traditions of Hong Kong but has large western influences and business. I wanted to capture this collaboration and also symbolic things from the culture.

I have started with watercolour and fine liner. I decided to try some different mediums however I found the watercolour the most effective and I enjoyed working with it. The top left hand drawing shows the mixture of traditional and modern architecture. I created the drawing with a wet on wet background. I feel that the free watercolour contrasts from the fine liner. The watercolour adds texture while the fine liner adds structure. The next two drawings were only watercolour and then only pencil. I enjoyed trying a different technique but overall wasn’t happy with outcome. Those two drawings showed traditional Hong Kong architecture related to places of worship. The drawing of the Junk Boat was important to me as it is an iconic piece of Hong Kong History. I decided to use the wet on wet process but try and be more control with it. I marked out the sales before and coloured them in red and then went over it fine liner. I really like the simplicity of it but how the watercolour adds texture and another dimension to the 2D image. I therefore decided to do a similar technique when recreating the Hong Kong skyline. When thinking of modern HK the high rise buildings immediately comes to mind. I wanted to capture this in the images in and show all the different buildings that make up the skyline. The final image was a bit more experimental again by bringing in brush pens to add colour.


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