Target Market

It took me a while to settle on a Target Market. I had already decided on a theme but I thought the target market would help my narrow down my ideas and start to focus. As I had said before I didn’t want to settle for birthdays and personally I really enjoying giving a congrats, good luck etc card. I feel that they are thoughtful cards as you don’t always expect them. I was hovering over the idea of “Bon Voyage” and “Happy Travels” cards and even though I really like this idea I feel that its a bit obvious.

Therefore I spent some time researching occasions and came across “Retirement” cards. I was surprised how limited the selection is. We have an ageing population and retirement is now seen as a new lease of life but I feel the cards on the market don’t reflect that.

I have members of family that are happily retired and are busy then me. They out at formal dinners and jetting off on holidays all over the world. I want to target the retired couples/individuals who are still very stylish and adventurous. Think Judi Dench in Exotic Marigold Hotel.

I feel that this Target Market will put a new spin on my theme and will allow me to bring in all the cultures that I have experienced.


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