Trend Research: Kinship

To develop my ideas further I wanted to get onto WGSN. I feel that selecting a trend will help me to make sure my designs will fit into the market and helps me narrow down a colour palette. I feel that colours are so important and because I am targeting the stylish retired couple the colours need to be on trend.

I started looking at S/S 18 because when we visited IG they were already looking into Christmas 2017 therefore I feel that I need to design for A/W 17 at the earliest. When researching I found the Kinship Trend for S/S 18.

The Kinship trend is tapping into the combination of cultures. It suggests that eastern and western values are going to compliment each other and merge to create a sense of community. There’s a push to combine cultural images to create new and innovative prints and patterns. This is something I really wanted to bring into my line of cards; I want to combine all my cultural experiences into each card. The trend also shows me the colours  expected for the trend. surface__m3rials_forecast_s_s_18_kinship

These colours compliment each other so well. The colours are modern but also have the classic deep reds and blues which I feel will appeal to the older market. Within my primary research I will use and play around with these colours and see how they marry in with my theme. I will also drop in key colours found in the cultures.


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