Tutorial with Keireine

Today I had a well needed tutorial. Over the past couple of days I have been developing my mood boards and been doing more drawing however I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next or how to progress my work. We spoke about my mood boards and agreed on the need for a few adjustments. I had thought that my mood board needed to show more of my work and style, therefore I want to bring in some watercolour backgrounds to reflect the initial drawings I have been doing. We also talked about bringing images forward and possibly bringing in wrapped twine etc.

The next step for me is to figure out what I want my 8 cards to look like. I need to think about the whole card and not just the front. I feel that this allows me to develop my designs. I feel that I need to research more into cards as a whole as well as shapes and sizes. When discussing with Keireine we decided that the size of the card should be kept small and dainty. It will help keep the cards sophisticated and practical.

One issue that Keireine raised is to keep the target market in mind. I am creating retirement cards but they are aimed at a female market. I feel that colour will keep the cards relevant to a female target market as sometimes harsh architectural structures can look masculine. The edges of the card could create a more feminine edge and I would like to experiment with this.

As well as thinking about the format of the cards we were discussing what I want to be on each one. A possible idea is selecting three countries and then designing two cards for each one, that would then allow two cards to be free for text and other co-ordinating designs. I like the idea of something linking all eight cards together, either a trail or a pattern.

I have a lot of food for thought. My next plan of action is creating a new Lino block and also finishing off my mood boards. I want to make them more tactical and 3D. I need to do some more drawing for different countries and also research into the format of cards.


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