Working on a New Block

After my tutorial yesterday I really want to develop my block prints. I have taken some inspiration from Andrea Lauren to have layered blocks. I feel that this will allow for my detailed prints and bring in multiple colours. I have decided to take one of my initial drawings of Hong Kong; the drawing is of the Nan Lian Garderns. It has traditional Chinese architecture and I wanted to do this to contrast to the previous print of the modern skyline of Hong Kong.


These two blocks are going to layer together. The block on the left will set a background colour and the block on the right is the outline and detailing. When cutting the left block I cut out some places to allow details on the second block to stand out and give the appearance of windows. The blocks wont perfectly match up but I look forward to seeing how they will look together.

I used tracing paper to transfer the design onto the Lino and then went over that with a permanent marker.


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