Independent Study day

I forgot that today wasn’t our workshop day anymore so I felt like I was a bit in the way. However I managed to get some more prints done. The purpose of today was to develop my printing skills by using layered blocks. I also wanted to develop the backgrounds I have been using and the possible textures that can be created.

After doing a test print I to print on backgrounds that I had already created.

I’m currently struggling with the colour mixing. I’m finding it easier to get the colours mixed to match my colour palette with the inks but I am still struggling with watercolour backgrounds. However I still like the outcome of these prints. The first print is on a simple spice coloured background painted with watercolours with the wet on wet technique. I printed only the outline block and I feel that the detailing of the print is very clear. The second print is the same process however I decided to use the two pink shades in my colour palette. This is because when talking to Keireine I realised that I need to use colour to bring in the female target market. The third print and forth prints have a more controlled background but still watercolour. To create the first background I printed the background with watercolour. The watercolour kept the shape of the block well but had a softer and freer edge. The fourth print is of the background block and I feel that the combination of the pink and navy compliment each other well but aren’t quite in my colour palette. The background was created by drawing loosely around the block and using the wet on wet technique. I like the contrast between the detailed blocks and this simpler and blocky print. I put a lot of ink on this block and I like the textured edges of the print. I would like to experiment more with the creating texture with the blocks.

I then went onto to use the two blocks together. I was really pleased with the outcomes. I need to develop the colours more but I really like the aesthetic of layering blocks together. I need to practice printing with these larger blocks so I can get sharper and clearer prints. The blue on blue print fits well in my colour palette and has come out relatively clear. I feel the subtle blue wash background breaks away from the white. The mulberry on navy print is really bold and looks very modern. I particularly like the soft pink background as it contrasts with the print and gives a more feminine edge. I feel the print could be clearer however I do feel the speckled effect adds to the hand crafted feel.

I want to bring in a lot of texture into my work as IG are looking for a textiles spin on their products. Therefore I decided to experiment with flocking and foiling. In the paper industry foiling and glitter are used a lot to enhance the products. I wanted to use some high end finishes as I am designer for the Tom Smith range and that has a more luxury feel to it. I used the glue used for screen printing. It is very thick and difficult to roll on so I wasn’t sure how it would work or how it would look. I was pleasantly surprised by the outcomes. Some detailing was lost but overall the outcome looks good and has a new texture to it. The colours of the flock work well in my colour palette and add a luxury feel. The foiling lost a lot of the detail however I feel that I would like to experiment with the foiling again and see if I can get more detailing. I think I need to cut a block with deeper groves and for the details to be more spaced apart. I do feel that the brown paper combined with the foils looks to christmassy for my card range.



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