Organising My Schedule

Today was a lot of organising myself and schedule. Since coming back from Korea I have spent a lot of time catching up. I feel like I’m starting to get there, my dissertation still needs a lot of work and time.

We help out first Summer Degree Show meeting today with the committee. It was successful in getting some ideas down on paper and getting the ball rolling. We have done some quick research into ideas and also how to sell work in uni. I feel that the process of fund raising and working together is good work experience. We have some exciting ideas to talk about in the co-hort tomorrow.

I have been reflecting on the tutorial that I had last week and there a few things I need to do tonight:

-Research Card Shapes

-Finish Mood-boards

-Split board into eight and decide whats going on each card

I also need to continue drawing and developing design ideas. I still have a lot to do but if I keep going at this pace I will keep up and hopefully more.


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