Tutorial with Helen

My mind and project was running away from me so I really needed this tutorial. We are currently in prototyping week but I am not at that point yet. I have written a list of things I still need to do research into:

-Card shapes


-Card as  Gift

I want these finished tonight. I also need to put together my artist research file, I have the research I just have no file. Minor but still on my mind.

When talking through with Helen she told me to be done with the mood boards and I really  don’t see them as a priority anymore. She made me realise that I have already decided on a style and process to creating the cards. I want to continue on with the Lino cutting and the watercolour backgrounds. She also suggested trying to print first and then adding the watercolour. This is something I could give a go tomorrow. It made me feel much better to realise that I actually do have a theme and style selected.

We spoke about the format of my cards and the layout. I had previously decided to have three places with two cards each and then two script cards. We discussed the idea of one card being more traditional architecture of the places and then the second being the contrasting modern structures. I like this idea of bringing in all aspects of the culture and it will also appeal to a wider market. The three cities I’m going to use are Hong Kong, Jaipur and Dubrovnik.

Helen helped me to create more of a plan for the next week and thats calmed me down a lot. I’m going to spend two days on Jaipur and two days on Dubrovnik. Just drawing. I will be drawing out old and new and getting the imagery flowing. I feel that Dubrovnik may need to be reconsidered if I cant produce enough imagery with the modern twist to it. I also need to plan out what I want to do in the workshop so I can use these days wisely.



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