Card Sizes


During a previous tutorial I realised that I wanted to make smaller cards. This is for a few reasons; I want the cards to be classic and sophisticated; aimed at travellers so can’t be nuisance and finally I want to keep them simple. All these points were based on my target market and what I think would be appropriate for them.

When playing around with the sizes I started with A5. This size is the largest I would want them to be, compared to the others in seems too large. However, if I am going to incorporate the concept of the card being a gift or something coming off of it to keep then the card needs to be a bit bigger. I like the square cards and the look of them. I feel that they are dainty and sophisticated. However my prints so far have been tailored to a more portrait look. I would have to develop my designs if I decided to go with this idea.  The A6 cards are a great size and will look simple. I think I need to play around with them and cut some out to see how small they are. I want my prints to be detailed without being too crowded so maybe the A6 could be too small.

I was thinking about the idea of having landscape cards. I feel that it will compliment the theme of the project. It will allow for designing and creating a skyline or landscape of architecture. I would have to decide where I would want the fold; on the above image it is on the left but it could be along the top.

I need to decide on more designs now but I can now tailor my designs to the sizing of a card. It will allow me to start prototyping. I also want to start thinking about the layout of the cards and the design. The theme lends itself to placement prints but I can play around with layouts and sizing of the prints. I also need to think more about the inside of the cards and the back. Due to the fact I will be designing for the Tom Smith range there is more options to design all parts of the card as it is a more luxury market. Therefore a higher price range.


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