Professional Practice- CV

I have to admit I haven’t been keep my CV up to date. Before this session I decided to have a quick look at it and realised it was about 3 years out of date and absolutely not relevant to the Art and Design industry. At the beginning of the session we looked into avenues to find jobs and I was surprised to find that there are graduate schemes in art and design. It got me thinking about what I want after uni and I really like the idea of doing a masters. However I think I may take a year or two out to get some experience.

We went through all the key aspects of a CV and what we should include. It was interesting to hear that it should be on 2 pages maximum and one page is even better, it highlights that people don’t have time to look through loads of pages. Its important to get the relevant things on there and not over crowd it. We have another session on CV building and Es wants us to bring in a rough CV. I feel like this will be more helpful to me as I am not sure what things I should be including and what is the most important. I have done a lot more things within my time in uni and gained more experience in a range of things.

I am currently setting up a Linked In account. I want my CV to go hand in hand with this.


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