Script Cards

When deciding on the format of the cards I wanted two to be script cards. I plan for the other 6 designs to detailed but still simple, therefore there may not be room for script on every card. I also like the idea of the cards being as versatile as possible so if they don’t have script on them they could bought for or by anyone interested in travel. I also hope to use these two script cards to tie the line of cards together.

The over arching style of the cards are hand crafted but luxury. Therefore I need to chose the script font wisely to reflect this. I also wanted the line of cards to be more exciting and stylish then other retirement cards already available. I need to research into what sort of phrases I want to use, I will stay away from humour as I want the cards to remain sophisticated.

I started looking into a few different companies and what script cards they create:

Creative Feel

Creative Feel is a single designer company mainly operating online. The company specialises in hand lettering and and gold foiling. I like the simplicity of these cards and how they are only script. I feel that this will contrast from my other cards as I am designing them to be detailed and busy. The use of foils on the script adds a level luxury that I wish to achieve with my designs. I have already experimented with foiling and flocking on my block prints and think that I would now like to bring in flocking into script to as well as the prints. The middle card uses negative space to show the script and I feel that using watercolour on the script cards would allow me to bring in the watercolour and hand painted style into the script cards. There is a possibility that the script cards could look very segregated from the printed cards so I think bringing in the watercolour will tie all of the collection together.


This is a slightly different design from the Creative Feel however it shows the possibility of tying in pattern and script. I feel that a wreath design has the connotations of christmas it has given me some ideas to maybe create borders from details within my designs. Then I would add script to the middle.

Apple Of My Eye

Apple of my eye is another small company. The company designs and makes cards. What I found particularly interesting was the type face they use.


It is much simpler then other cards however it is simple and effective. It has a clean look to it. I feel that this may standout well against my other cards and I would like to experiment with this type face on my cards to see how it sits. I feel that it keep the cards simple and sophisticated.


Paperchase is a well know high street retailer. It has a wide range of stationery and paper products. I found some cards when I was in store that have a slightly different approach to the script cards.

The card on the left has an all over print with the script in negative space. I really like this idea of creating a busy all over print and then removing the the script. I feel that this could allow me to create a repeat print to compliment the placement prints and combine script.

I also like the simplicity of the note cards on the right. When looking at other retirement cards the script is usually classic calligraphy so I feel that I need to keep this in mind when designing. I have two cards designated to script so I have the option to have a busier design and a simple design.


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