In the Studio

Today was a good day in the studio. I initially went to Helen’s workshop on repeat prints. I have always been interested in repeat prints due to my interest in textiles for interiors. It was really helpful to see the tips and tricks to create an exact repeat. The standard start size is 30cm X 30cm but I think I will practice with a smaller square. I need to practice with simple motifs and use different formats of repeats and then move on to adding backgrounds. I don’t feel that repeat prints are entirely relevant to my project right now but I really enjoyed the workshop and look forward to developing it.

I finished off some more drawings and a few things in my sketchbook. Then it was Alice Kettles talk. Her work was all about using textiles to draw and therefore portray a message. Since I am doing a more illustrative project at the moment it was very relatable. I also found her collaborative work really inspiring, she was passionate about how other artists have developed her work. She expressed the importance of cross disciplinary collaboration and how this has broadened her horizons.

I didn’t have a tutorial today but I am very clear on what I want and need to achieve in the next week.  Tomorrow I must finish off any initial drawings for Dubrovnik and start drawing out some script ideas. I can then progress this into prototyping next week.  If I have time tomorrow I would like to print some designs in the card sizes and scales I am interested in. My sketchbook is falling apart so on the weekend I need to think of a way to bind it, Irene has been suggesting that I need to think about sketchbook as a part of my portfolio now and should treat it that way.



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