Review: International Greetings Deadline

Today was the day, the presentation to IG. I was nervous to go first and hoped that I would make a clear and professional presentation. After putting up my work yesterday I made some brief bullet point notes about key information. I really wanted to express the important of process in this collection and that hand crafted feel style I was going for. I also needed to express the importance of each image on each card.

Throughout the presentation I tried to remain professional and settle my nerves. It was definitely a learning curve for me. I found that Sarah’s criticisms were so insightful and constructive. However I feel the stress of presenting to her made me be overly critical of my work and I came out of the presentation feeling down about the whole thing. It is the classic of only remembering the “negatives”.

I was really pleased that the Lino printing style was a win. Within my collection it was noted that the more detailed placement prints had some beautiful aspects and the Lino printing process creating some wonderful textures. It was also stated that my prints were strong enough without script cards. This was lovely to hear and personally I didn’t like my script cards half as much as my prints. I also feel that the all over prints weren’t as well received and upon reflection they look like would be part of a different and some what more graphic collection.  I think that I had gotten wrapped up in the idea of a  “collection” I was trying to check off points like script cards and different formats rather then pushing my strongest designs (detailed placement prints).

To develop my collection I would adjust and refine the cards so they are all detailed prints. I also like the idea of taking out the script cards as it allows me to design two cards themed around another country. This will allow my collection to explore more cultures and advertise more opportunities with travel.

During my presentation it was highlighted that the packing list was a fun NPD development however Sarah and Helen were interested in the concise descriptions I gave for each card. They felt that it would be a good idea to put on the back of each card information of about each place; a mini guidebook. I really like this idea and I feel that it appeal to my target market and inspire travel. Sarah stated the the NPD could be that they are framed with this information. The cards themselves are strong and enough as pieces of framable work.

The one criticism that was completely fair but I found really hard was that I hadn’t quite got my colours right. I was really disappointed that I hadn’t even noticed this myself. It was highlighted that the colours on my mood board were very appropriate for my target market however these colours weren’t emulated in my work. The inks that I mixed for my prints were on the colour board however the watercolour backgrounds were too light. I have now found a illustrative style that I like working in; watercolour and fine liner; and I got carried away with this in my cards. To develop my collection further I would like to create some cards with stronger backgrounds and possibly use coloured envelopes to bring in the colour palette. I need to have more confidence with working in strong colours. I will start by playing around with the colour in photoshop and illustrator.

Throughout this project I feel that I have been developing a sense of style and way of working. I have also gotten so much better at time management and how to get the most out of my days. I feel that I need to be more reflective of my work throughout the design process. This will allow me to make sure that I am still designing to my mood boards and my brief. I feel that I have developed my printing skills tremendously since the summer. I still have a lot to learn and experiment with however I want my final collection to be handprinted. I find that process is so important to me as a designer and I feel that this had stemmed from seeing the printing process in India.


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