Developing Moodboards

Now that I have finalised my brief I wanted to collate some images and start preparing some moodboards. I needed to get some visuals in front of me and I this helped me to start sorting through my own photographs from the trip.

The first board I worked on was my them board. Nearly all of the photographs are my own. I spent sometime going them to see which ones represented my brief and also which ones I found the most inspiring. I want the board to show aspects of dining but also the different architecture and culture of South Korea. I feel that this ‘first draft’ shows a lot about South Korea however, I want to bring in more of the bold colours and prints that will inspire the design collection. I would also like the idea of the board suggesting a few possible products and the contract market setting.

The second board is the ‘Target Market’ I wanted this board to represent the contract market setting and the type of people that would go to this particular restaurant. In my brief I outlined a location similar to Shoreditch. I therefore selected some images to represent that. So far I feel that this board shows the vibrancy of the project and the age of the market. However, I feel that I need to bring in a few Asian elements into the board to bring in the ‘east meets west’ style that I want to achieve.


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