Research file: London Visit 

Today I decided to visit London as there were a few exhibitions I was interested in visiting. I started in the V&A’s exhibition: Lockwood Kipling: Arts and Crafts in the Punjab and London. Even though it’s unrelated to my current work I really wanted to visit it. In the past, I visited The Fabric of India exhibition before visiting India. I was so inspired by the trip and the exhibition I am now really interested in anything related to Indian textiles. The exhibition was wonderfully curated and I loved reflecting back on similarities between items in the exhibiton and things I experienced on my trip. Fundamentally, inspirations from Indian textiles is my driving force to create hand printed textiles.

When walking around the V&A, I found a small Korean section. There were similar textile items I had seen in Korean museums, in Seoul. I was particularly interested in this screen, I liked how each panel had a different image on and how it illustrated different scenes. As I am working towards an interiors brief, I would like to develop this idea further. Maybe as a possible outcome? 

A quick visit to the British Musuem gave me the chance to look at another Korean exhibit. I found that the main items displayed are ceramics and the traditional S.Korean architecture. When in S.Korea I found that they displayed a lot of ceramics in their museums and  I have some photographs of ceramics I saw. I would like to also sketch out some of the details on S.Korean ceramics as the ceramics are deep rooted in the heritage and could bring another meaning to my designs. 

The highlight of the trip was the JOSEF FRANK Patterns–Furniture–Painting exhibition at the Fashion and Textiles Museum. 

I wanted to visit the exhibition as I have always been interested in the artists work but I also want to be bold with colour in my degree show. I want to be courageous and I was hoping this exhibition would give me some inspiration. The exhibition was a collection long lengths of digitally printed fabrics, furniture and paintings. The hand-painted orginal croqui designs were framed next to most of the fabrics. I found it really insightful to see the croqui in relation to the digital print. 

Most of the designs would at least 5 colour separations. I want to challenge myself to design a collection as bold and vibrant as the pieces I saw today. I found that the prints were so eye-catching and interesting that they needn’t be cleverly displayed but a simply hanging was suffice. I always find when I visit London I come back inspired for work and this exhibition is exceptional and really makes me want to dive into the print studio. 


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