Workshop Day…

I tried to be as prepared as possible for today as I wanted to get lots done. However, its wasn’t as productive as I would have liked. I spent the majority of the day mixing pigments for printing. Even though I didn’t feel productive, it was good as I know how to mix my colour palette. I am struggling with getting perfect colours but I’m learning more and more with each attempt. I am still having the same process in the dye lab.

Today I was developing the yellow from my palette and I think I’ve nearly got it. However, I dyed some larger pieces and the colours seem a little too orange but it sits well with the other colours. I have also realised that I need to darken my pink colour. I will look through my sample book and figure out the best way to do it; possible more red or brown?

Today I also wanted to develop my dark green shade. I added to the dye bath I used to create the lighter mint colour. I double the pigments and added bright navy to darken it. I had an issue when I removed a piece of fabric and I had the perfect colour. However, I think I had lost it before so I have no record of how long it had been in the dye bath or what stage it was added. I need to retrace my steps.

In the dye baths, I have expected that the linen and cotton would dye differently. This has been the case most of the time. In the pink bath, the linen just needed to be in longer. In the yellow bath, the linen came out more orange than the cotton. In the blue/green baths, the linen was coming out more blue while the cotton more blue. Therefore, I have been finding the colours I need but I now need to adjust the formulas according to the fabric. I would also like to use silk in my project, so that is another ball game.

I managed to test print one design. (INSERT PHOTO). It was good to see that  have mixed the correct colours in the pigments. However, the print didn’t come out very well. In some areas it had bled whereas in others it came out patchy. I think I need to re-expose this design. I may also enlarge it slightly for a clearer print. I was really pleased with the outcome of the buildings. The thin lines came out sharp and crisp. I only printed it once and then washed the screen. Its good to know that I can print thin lines like this and I would like to experiment with this further.


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