Interim Assessment

Today was the Interim Assessment, I felt that it was a good opportunity to get feedback from all three tutors and practice talking about my work. I spoke for 5 mins and I need to be more concise next time. I had planned some bullet point notes for my presentation but next time I will practice some parts of the presentation.

I explained the background to my project and highlighted how my travels had influenced the project. I wanted to make it clear that I was particularly inspired by the rich Korean history and their traditions that have stemmed from that. Currently, I’m experimented with my drawings and piecing together design ideas. I will be using my artist influences to further the design process and refine my drawings. The feedback was mainly positive and the next steps now seem very clear to me.

  • More architectural drawings: to combine with my drawings of patterns and to contrast the modern and traditional buildings.
  • Use these drawings to develop a modern ‘toile de jouy’ style influenced by my artist research.
  • Think about possible outcomes so I can tailor my designs accordingly: large pieces, screens or smaller cushions etc.
  • Develop dye samples further: a range of coloured backgrounds rather than just white.
  •  Continue screen printing sampling.
  • Think more about the dining setting: draw out table settings to show the importance of dining together.

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