Met Award: Effective Team Working

What is a team? What makes it different from a group?

We opened a discussion about the definition of the team. A broad definition is a small group of people with complimentary skills who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals and approach, for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.

Team building will come up in interviews and an assessment day may be the first stage of the interview process. Be ready for questions such as quick ice breakers; what animal are you? Who would you want to have a meeting with dead or alive? They will probably put on a team working exercise.

The key to people a good team member is contributing but not dominating the group. 

Personal Qualities of a Good Team Worker: 

  • Good Listener
  • Good at Communicating
  • Confidence/Assertiveness
  • Aware of others emotions
  • Level of Organisational skills and Time management
  • Creative problem solving
  • Flexible
  • Respectful
  • Common Values
  • Trusting and Trustworthy
  • Hard working
  • Enthusiasm
  • Delegate
  • Open Minded
  • Positively constructive person (giving and receiving)
  • Humble

Additional Ideas:

  • Supportive
  • Working together to make everyone look good

We then illustrated these ideas in a fun and simple plant like mind map. An interesting fact is that 70% of people leave a company because of their team or manager not the job. Furthermore, it was briefly discussed that a group Sally is working with struggles to get positive feedback and we discussed the professional way to accept feedback. This is something I found particularly interesting as I struggle to accept positive feedback; maybe this is a confidence thing I need to work on.

Tuckman’s Stages of Team Development 

  • Forming- Testing out, sorting out authority.
  • Storming- show emotions, polarising, conflict.
  • Norming- sorting out relationships, agreed patterns of behaviour.
  • Performing- developing unity and commitment.

This happens when ever a team is put together or changed. Within a brand new team it may take longer to sort out this sort of team whereas when an individual is added it may only take minutes to adjust the new order.

We then broke down into smaller groups and discussed each stage. One thing that was highlighted was the ratio of praise to criticism is 4:1. I think this must be hard but I can see how important.

Belbin Team Roles

The purpose of this is to highlight the different people needed to make a good team. A questionnaire has been put together for people to find out what role you take. There are nine roles, you can take on more then one role or multiple people can share a role.

It was interesting to see where I would sit within a team. I can see how this test is great for corporate companies.

This workshop was really beneficial for me as I know, after graduation, I will hopefully be working in design teams and will need to know how a good team works. I think its important to remember that there are different roles within a team and each are important.


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