Design Development: Large Work

Recently, I feel that I have been working on the same things and not been making much progress. Therefore, today I wanted to change it up and work on something different. Within the Korean dining I found the sharing of dishes and the amount of tableware really key to the experience. The sharing of dishes is a deep rooted Korean tradition and I feel that this will help with the loneliness epidemic that I have been reading about in the UK. So, I taped out some rolls of the size of a table top and started to draw out a table setting for a Korean BBQ. It was inspired by my experiences and created from the further research I have done into Korean Table manners. The paper was 1.5m by 0.90m; which is the standard size of table for 4-6 dinners. I also made sure the chopsticks were the correct length of 23cm. Other than these specific measurements it was a very free process. I walked around the table adding rings to represent the base of each item of tableware. I really enjoyed it doing it and its really got my mind jogging again.


I want to now develop this into a possible outcome of a wall hanging or a table top itself. I feel that the drawing speaks a lot about the experience of dining in Korea and the use of free hand drawing with ink adds to the very free and chaotic experience of never ending side dishes.


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