Cushion Idea Development

I have been thinking of ways in which to create my floor cushions and how I want them to look. When speaking to Maggie she made it very clear that the products in the display need to be purposeful and not just endless props. Therefore, I really want to make a floor cushion to encapsulate all the research into dining on the floor and I also feel that collection would be sold to somewhere fun and edgy that would embrace the Korean tradition.

I want the cushions to showcase co-ordinate designs and empathises how interchangeable the collection can be. I would also want them to look more like pieces of furniture rather than an extra like a throw cushion. When researching I found this video on mattress style cushions and I like the how they mattress style hem looks like an upholstery technique.

The main purpose of this project is to create a east meets west style and when in Korean we dined on very thin square cushions. I want to bring the dining experience to the west but also make it appropriate for that market. Therefore, I want to keep the cushions square but maybe thicker and be filled with a more supportive foam.


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