Final Collection: Continue Printing #4

Today was another day of printing and even though I feel very pressured in the print room, as many thing can go wrong, I am absolutely loving it. I feel like I have just started doing what I enjoy and its the end of my degree. I have started printing the border designs and co-ordinates. I feel that as it is fundamentally an interiors collection I felt that I was extremely important to have a mixture of borders and all overs. When I was designing the collection on Illustrator I was trying to keep my collection diverse by incorporating different layouts and repeats. However, It was only when I started to print them did I appreciate how important the different designs were and how the differences is what made it a collection. I have started to print the devore samples which are fundamental in creating a room divider pieces that are heavily influenced by then korean hanok. Our heat press is currently broken therefore I need to think about how I will burn the devore out.


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