Printing the Hangings

Today is the day I started printing the larger hangings. I did a lot of prep today so I feel like I didn’t actually get that much printing. I made sure I had enough pigment mixed up and gummed the print tables. The three fabrics all ironed out together was oddly satisfying to look at. I decided to start with the Devore hanging as I needed extra time to allow the Devore to dry and to take it to cynceod to use their heat-press. I started by measuring out the design and bolting the guides on the edge of the print table. I printed onto a resist paper to allow me to line up the repeat.

IMG_7649Due to prep taking me so long this morning I started to panic and messed up my repeat. I was devastated. It was such a simple thing to fix but this was the first time I had really messed up. Steve and Jenny really helped get set back up to start again. I took a 15 minute break to get some air and a coffee. I am my own harshest critic so it was a learning curve for me to step back and except that things don’t always work but thats fine. Upon reflection, I started to rush and just wanted to get it done when really I needed to go and take a break. IMG_7651Coming back with fresh eyes I started again. Jenny stayed to help me finish the three colours on this design. I was so grateful that she did that, I was able to go home and not worry that I hadn’t finished it. I was really pleased with the outcome of the printing and I am looking forward to get the Devore paste on it tomorrow.  I had a real sense of achievement nearly finishing a four layer large repeat print. IMG_7662


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