Devore Printing

IMG_7670The Devore paste is on!!! I am going to leave it over night to rot away the fibres and first thing tomorrow I am going to Cynceod to heat press it. The next challenge will be how I wash out and dry this much fabric? I am so far really pleased with this outcome. I feel like it is bright and bold but has the transparent edge of a room divider. In South Korea, the traditional buildings would be made of wood and the walls are covered by a waxed paper so the buildings would be breathable in the winter. I loved the aesthetic of the light coming through the foldable windows and walls. Therefore, when thinking about products for a contract market I thought about room dividers and playing with light. I feel this design has the bright and bold colours of the collection but still holds the aesthetic influenced by the Hanok.ย IMG_7673

I also printed my large canvas print. I wanted to show that the prints could be mounted to create wall decor. I decided to display this design as the building is the City Hall, Seoul which has a rich history. The City hall was built when the Japanese held control of South Korea and has a lot of culture and political meaning. When I was in Seoul I went to a few history museums and got a glimpse into their rich and long history. I wanted to make sure that I had included some reference to it as it is such a huge part of the heritage.



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