Hanging 2: Completing the Printing


The final printing is complete. This piece was a bit more of an experimental piece and could be treated as a one of. With this piece I wanted to visually bring in a Korean dining table and combine it with my designs. One of the beliefs I read when researching about Korean dining was that people sharing from the same bowl with have a better relationship. I thought it was such a lovely tradition and belief and one thing that stick with me from my time in Korea was the sheer amount of bowls and dishes covering the table by the time you finish. I included bowls, side dishes, the grill, the control box, napkin box, the spoon, the chopsticks (the correct size), soju glasses, water glasses and beer glasses. I wanted to really show what it was like to dine in Korea.

This print was a tricky one for me to work out how to print as it is two layers with two placement prints on each. I was really please that I managed to get it to work. I feel that this particular pice could be used for an array of things e.g. a table cloth, converted into vinyls for a table top or used as a hanging. This piece is something I would love to develop further as it is deep rooted in my research but also has so much potential for other products. If this was to be used as a hanging, I would develop two other hangings in the same table top design but in different colours with a different design in the background. I was also thinking about vinyl stickers to be stuck directly to a table top to show all the different dishes.


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