Setting Up The Show

I had decided to leave putting my work up until today as I was concerned about paint etc. Upon reflection I was just nervous about putting it up. It all became very real when i started hanging the pieces and I almost felt slightly vulnerable.

As the worked progressed so had my ideas of how I wanted to display my work. I decided to not incorporate a table as I felt that it would just be a prop that wouldn’t be adding to the work. I wanted to keep it simple and let the work speak for itself. Upon reflection I am glad that I didn’t cram in too much in the space as the bright colours would have become over bearing.


When initially hanging the work up I was disappointed, it just didn’t look right. I became a bit over whelmed by the situation and started panicking. Upon reflection I just need to step back and think of how I wanted to display my work and what I wanted to achieve. A few people helped me look at my space and give me options for displaying it. In the end, it was a simple fix of fishing wire to lower the front hanging. The back hanging was then much more visible and the front hanging was then low enough to interact with the floor cushions. The cushion is currently propped up on a bin, I need to make a quick stand for it tomorrow.


In my original plan, I was going to have multiple rails for my designs. When finding out my space I realised I could spread out slightly wider and this allowed me to put all my designs on one rail. I was pleased that I have put my designs to one side of the display as I feel that people can now properly interact with the designs. I feel that the single rail always them to been seen altogether as one. Tomorrow I need to label the back of the samples with the details.



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