Developing Subject Work

While working on my degree show I found it hard to find time to develop my IG work. However, I felt that there were some very valid points made in my feedback and I wasn’t happy with my original final outcome. When presenting my work to the client it was highlighted that I hadn’t whole hearted used my colour palette. It was obvious as soon as it was mentioned however I think that when creating the cards I hadn’t given myself the time to step back and reflect. Fundamentally, I use water colour in my illustrations but upon reflection I don’t think it was appropriate for the actual product. I also had only used white cards and envelopes which was another oversight on my own part. I think that because I wanted to learn the new skill of Lino cutting and printing I had forgotten to look at the bigger picture. It has become extremely apparent to me during this project and the degree show the process is just as important to me as the final outcome.  However, when working for a client I must remember that the main goal is to create a product suitable for them.

Therefore in my spare time I started looking into simple changes such as coloured card and envelopes. It was highlighted that the textured card was a very appropriate substrate for my target market therefore when sourcing coloured card I wanted to keep the textured feel. I also found coloured enveloped to compliment the cards. I mixed up the colour card and envelopes and instantly saw the colours contrasting and complimenting one another.

Another point made in my feedback was the passion and interest I had in each individual design. Each card was inspired by a place I visited and chosen due to the information I knew about each one. The original packing list idea was well received however I have decided to incorporate the information I know about each place into the cards. I feel that it will contextualise each card and create almost a mini travel guide for each place. This will be more relevant to my retired target market who are interested in travelling to new places to learn new things. I have also realised while working on this project and on my degree show that the places I have travelled have always heavily influenced my work therefore I think incorporating my knowledge and passionate into the cards will make them more unique and personal to me.

I developed labels for the back of the cards on illustrator. I wanted them to be clean and sophisticated with a few key facts or recommendations. Each label was then coloured dependant on what base colour the card was.

Screen Shot 2017-05-16 at 14.56.18

When creating the original collection I felt that I had to incorporate script cards, upon reflection it narrows down the target market. I also found that when speaking to retired family members they felt that a card that says “Happy Retirement” on it is predictable and they liked the option of a blank card. I feel that this would make my collection more versatile. Therefore, in keeping with the current format of two cards per country, I decided to get rid of the script cards and replace them with two prints from Berlin. I had recently visited Berlin and enjoyed my time so much I felt that it would be an appropriate addition to the collection. I decided to use images of Alexander Platz and Brandenburg Gate. Similarly to the Hong Kong cards, I feel the contrast between the modern and classical images highlighted the deep history and current development of the city.


This is new collection, re-printed on coloured substrates, the new designs and packaged with the coloured envelopes. The colour palette is being used much more boldly on these cards and I feel the cards look more commercial than before. I would have liked to experiment with the colours more and layered blocks together, however I didn’t want it to be at the cost of my degree show. I look forward to developing block printing further as I really like the different textures you can get from printing.

In addition to this, I removed the watercolour backgrounds from my mood boards to make them more in keeping with the new designs.


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