Final Touches and Press Packs

Today was the final day and I didn’t want to leave too much work until today. I needed to finish off my labelling my space and press packs. Initially started by labelling the samples, each label has my name, student number, process, fabric and any additional information. As I haven’t mounted my co-ordaintes together I thought it would be important to label them accordingly. When printing the co-ordinates and when I was making the cushions I did realise that a lot of my designs co-orindate together. I am really pleased with this outcome as I feel that it makes my collection more versatile as there are many options for co-ordinating designs and they can therefore be used on an array of products. I also placed logo labels on the front to create a professional finish to the plain headers.


When putting my space together yesterday I found that I wanted the cushions to be on angles and stood up so they interacted with the hangings. One cushion was propped on a bin so Jenny made a simple right angle to hold the cushion in place. Once painted white it was perfect as it propped the cushion up but went unnoticed on the display.

While Jenny was painting and helping others, I completed my press packs. After the professional practice lecture we had on press packs I have spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted to display my press pack. I decided to go with pocket-fold invites to hold the documents and materials. I felt that the bright colour went hand in hand with my collection but the clean and simple design remained professional. I finished off the front with one of my stickers to keep consistent throughout all of my work. Inside the press pack I decided to keep it simple. The CV is something that I have developed and used over the past year therefore I updated my contact info, personal statement and I decided to put the dates of upcoming exhibitions on as well. I included a postcard, business card, fabric sample and stickers. I wanted to keep it simple and not over crowd the pack. I feel that all the information that I want to give to a possible employer is easily accessible and clear.



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