The End of Subject

My subject work was something that I wanted to develop because I wasn’t completely happy with my collection. In the past couple of weeks I have developed the designs as I didn’t feel that they were up to a professional standard. Also after completing my field modules I wanted to spend more and more time in the print studio printing and this has developed my collection. I really enjoyed spending my time in the print studio and the processes involved in screen printing. This is something I would like to carry onto next year and into my final collections. I also have started looking into Lino printing in my field modules and I would like to develop it along side my screen printing.

In my feedback it mentioned that I hadn’t done much stitch so I decided to add some hand stitching to the designs. This added the another texture to the work and this is something I had written in my hypothetical brief. Also in my feedback  it was discussed that I hadn’t worked on backgrounds and I can completely see how important they can be. I decided to print on Navy as well as the lighter cream and this simple background changed lifted the collection and the designs. In future I would like to spend more time thinking about backgrounds. I would like to either create them using different mark making techniques or experimenting with dying my own fabric. I haven’t done much dying this week and I would like to do more research over the summer and do more of it next year.

The Buddy System in this term has really allowed me to understand the professional standard required next year. Simple things can make a huge different and I have changed a few things in my collection. I put all my samples on headers and stitched them to give them a professional finish. I also reprinted most of my collection to clean up the prints and to give them a more professional finish.

Over the summer I have some plans to go and see some exhibitions and to visit New designers. I hope this will allow me to see if I want to be involved with it next year. Also in my feedback I was suggested to develop my drawing books and over the summer I wish to do this. I will be doing some travelling and will take sketchbooks with me. After developing my primary research in my field modules I realised I like using watercolour and inks to create a background and then adding detail with a fine liner.

Field and Subject Combined

The field modules filtered so well into my subject work. There is obvious links between my subject work and the textile industries in Rajasthan and Morocco. On my travels all the craftsmen were unmissable and it was inspiring to see all of the processes passed down from generation to generation. Since coming back to the UK and mu subject work I have found a new interest in the process of creating my work. Previously I was overly concerned about the polished finish to my work and now I want the tactile handmade feel and look. I feel now that the hand made process can completely change a collection and add so much more to a design. I have started looking into Lino cutting but I have only scratched the surface with it. I want to research and experiment with this more over the summer as I would like to use hand printing techniques in my final year work.

I have always found my drawings simple and after developing my initial research in my Morocco module I have tried to push the boundaries a bit more. Using materials such as watercolour and ink freed the work more and created different styles. Also working in collage has allowed to really experiment with altering images and how combing different substrates has allowed me to really see different possibilities for my primary research.

Within both of the modules I really enjoyed working along side students from different disciplines and it was fascinating to see how they were going to tackle the same brief. Talking to the other people gave me different ideas and ways of thinking outside of my usual textiles box. I think that this way of working will really help me next year to think of all the possible ways of creating my work.

My personal strengths have changed and developed. I feel that both modules allowed me to look at textiles in a new light and allowed me to be more analytical with my choice of process and materials. It has allowed to think about things in much deeper ways and to develop my practice in terms of process and technique. It has also taught me how to take inspiration from different cultures and combine this fully with my work. I definitely feel now that the best way to research is by fully immersing yourself in it.

Displaying Subject


This was my final chosen display of my work. Within my file was a few additional extras that I have added to all of my modules. Technically we were supposed to put up 6 samples however I feel that this layout looks better. This is because my placement print was a larger croqui and it made a good centre point to the collection. In my final 6 I wanted to make sure that all the screenprinting I had done was was clear. However I needed to balance the colours so that it why I used a digital croqui to add in the pink background.


After the Buddy System I really wanted to finish my work to a more professional standard. I decided to overlock the edges of all my fabric samples. I also cut headers out of card and stitched them onto all of my fabric and paper designs. They look much more professional then they would if they were flat mounted. I however feel that the card isn’t thick enough and I feel that the gloss finish that the 3rd years used were a really nice finish.

Developing My Prints

In my hypothetical brief I specified that the designs will be hand rendered with screen printing and hand embroidery. Therefore today I spent sometime developing my prints by adding simple hand embroidery stitches.

One of my border designs didn’t print as cleanly as I would have liked. Therefore I stitched a zip zag along the edge of the design it neatened up the edges and added texture. I then added a running stitch along the bottom to emphasis the border design.

On my flock design was a simple design and I wanted to bring in some other colours from the palette. Throughout the design I added french knots sporadically throughout the design. It tied in well with the spiralling edges to the design. I also added very subtle straight stitches to the design, I felt this would add a subtle striped/checked design. The stitches are very subtle but I didn’t want to add anything to garish as it wouldn’t be in keeping with Bedecks easy to live with style.

Within my subject feedback it was mentioned that the fabric manipulation sample was a good part of the collection. I wanted to redo it as the previous one was done as an experiment, which fortunately turned out well. I therefore reprinted the design and smocked the design with a pink embroidery floss. It has made a feature of the stitching to create the smock design.

Im glad that I spent the time to add the stitching to my designs. It hit points that I had made in my brief and also created an artisan feel to the work. I would like to develop this style more and to proceed with it next year.

CAD Visuals

I have really struggled with the CAD visuals. However I feel that I have learnt alot through my trial and error. CADSUBJECT1

This is my final CAD that will be put up in my space for the exhibition. I was really pleased with it considering how I struggled originally. I think this simple CAD empathises the easy to live with style that is Berbers main style. The main tools on photoshop that I found useful to making this CAD were displacement mapping, distort and saturation.

Screen Printing

Over the past three days I have spent all my time in the print studio. I have worked through all the processes of screen printing.I feel like this year I have developed much further in terms of screen printing. Over these last couple of days I have started to notice smaller details in my prints and understand more ways to make the standard of my prints more professional. I really enjoyed screen printing and I have decided that this is what I will be mainly doing for my final collection next year. After speaking to some of the 3rd year students they told me to ‘stick to what I enjoy’ and screen printing is that. I would also like to research more into other printing techniques such as block, Lino and mono printing.

I would also like to practice printing repeat prints. I feel that I need to practice more with registry marks etc.

The Buddy System: Setting up the Show

Today was finally the day that we put Kelly’s work up. The samples have been ready to go up however we didn’t want to get them out until all the paint had been put away. We spent the morning putting her samples onto the hangers. The hangers she has chosen are white wood clip hanger and she decided to go with these as they are more fitting with her display and her work. However they are bulky and are hard to hang straight. However this could be changed by bending the hangers to make them hang differently. I also think having arms that have groves in them rather than large holes would make the hangers sit better. Kelly has an arm for each family of designs.

In her space she has a lot of “props” and they add a lot to her display. They do give the display another aesthetic aspect and the designs are visualised in their intended setting. I feel that props are important but they mustn’t take away from the designs. Kelly said that products are necessary however I feel they’re important for the visual aspect of the show. Kelly created a few products herself; oven gloves; tea cosy; apron and cushion but also got some made on bags of love; placemats; coasters and mugs. In addition to these products she has bought a table and chair, ladder and shelves to display her work. The props does make her display look visually pleasing.


In the afternoon, I helped Kelly finish off her press packs. Everyone needs to produce about five. Kelly did say they are quite expensive to produce. Most peoples press packs are in clear plastic pockets however Kelly has decided to put hers in cream cards with velcro pads. They look really tidy and in-keeping with her work. In her press pack she has a CV; Artist statement; Postcard; Business Card; Fabric Sample; Key ring and a memory stick. On the memory stick was 10 images of her work in high and low resolution; Artist Statement and Image list. The press packs will be helpful during the show as they can be handed out to possible businesses and artists.

The Buddy System: Headers

Today was the day. Kelly brought in her fabric samples and I was worried about touching them at first. We started by sticking the samples into the header. Her work looks so professional. A standard that I want to strive to achieve. She entrusted me to stitch the headers shut and I was very nervous about the first few. However once I got the rhythm of it I was fine. The stitches were a simple straight stitch at 5mm length. After stitching along the headers the loose threads were then pulled to the back and tied. This meant they stayed together and could be trimmed neatly.

Equipment List:

  • Double Sided Tap
  • Header (Pre-cut)
  • Labels for Designs
  • Labels for Hangers
  • Scissors
  • Ruler

As me and Kelly were working along side each other for most of the day I managed to ask her some questions about next year. It’s made me really look forward to the International Greetings Project but she has warned me that it is fast paced. She is lucky enough to be getting a work placement in the summer which is something I would love to do and I’m so excited for her. She also told me that her show has cost her nearly £500 which is daunting but I can also see how quickly it adds up. A site she recommends is Bags of Love as they have over 70 different fabrics and they deliver really quick.

Kelly had decided not to do New Designers but I have decided to go and see it this summer and make my mind up then. It is a lot of money but if it is something I would like to do then I will have to make it work. One thing that Kelly has made clear is the importance of being organised and keeping on track. I stress quite a lot as it is so I would really like to stay on top of things next year.

Kelly is getting some family to help her build aspects of the show but I hope I can still help where I can.

The Buddy System: Presentation

Kelly is very proactive and she has already overlocked all of her samples. They do look so neat and overlocking is something I now want to practice more this year so I can use it with confidence next year. She also bought pre-made headers which takes away the stress of cutting lots all perfectly. She just trimmed them down to better size. She also created labels with her Name, Student Number, Project Title, Family No and a small thumbnail design. They looked really professional. She used sheets that were a whole sticker and then cut them down herself. I was measuring on 0.7cm from each side of the header so there were some guides for mounting the work central. I also put double sided sticky tape on the inside of them ready for the samples. Kelly wants to stitch the header shut as then she doesn’t have to worry about her work coming apart when its up for the show. It also will make them look really clean and tidy. This will be tomorrows task.

Kelly has also bought separate hangers to put on her headers, they’re white wood and she has got them to go with her display. She also created stickers for these which I stuck on today. Having everything labelled gives everything a really cohesive look. I was also looking at her postcards and she explained the process behind them. Everyones postcards have to the same layout but they each have their own designs on them. They also create press packs to give out to important guests. This is something I will learn more about next year. Working with Kelly has highlighted quite a few things that I need to think about for next year. She seems to have been so organised with it and you can tell that it pays off in her work as her pieces are beautiful. She also seems calming than most. Im quite an organised person but I feel that I will need to step it up next year. Ready for the challenge.