Final Collection: Printing for The Cushions


Today I continued on printing the final collection but also started printing the pieces for the floor cushions. When deciding the designs to go on the cushions I wanted them to be a mixture of the architecture designs and the patterns. I want the cushions to showcase the possibility of combining the prints. In the above photos it I am just putting in some finishing touches. I can now start to construct the cushions over the weekend.

Final Collection: Continue Printing #4

Today was another day of printing and even though I feel very pressured in the print room, as many thing can go wrong, I am absolutely loving it. I feel like I have just started doing what I enjoy and its the end of my degree. I have started printing the border designs and co-ordinates. I feel that as it is fundamentally an interiors collection I felt that I was extremely important to have a mixture of borders and all overs. When I was designing the collection on Illustrator I was trying to keep my collection diverse by incorporating different layouts and repeats. However, It was only when I started to print them did I appreciate how important the different designs were and how the differences is what made it a collection. I have started to print the devore samples which are fundamental in creating a room divider pieces that are heavily influenced by then korean hanok. Our heat press is currently broken therefore I need to think about how I will burn the devore out.

Alternate Colour ways

Screen Shot 2017-05-07 at 21.37.14

When thinking of alternate colour-ways I was struggling to think of specific colours that could be used as I have used a varied colour palette. Therefore, I went back to my Korean research. In Korean Pop Culture there is a term called Aegyo which basically means cute. Its very popular in Korean Culture and can be seen everywhere in Korea. Its heavily influenced by Korean Pop Stars. I have realised that the alternate colour palette is where I can explore this part of Korean culture. It shows the collection can be used to create a bright vibrant collection but also if the contract market wanted to create a Korean dining experience around Aegyo that the collection is versatile enough to do so.

Final Collection: Collection Printing #3

Another day of printing and I have realised that keeping a cool head is allowing me to keep successfully printing. I know as soon as I start rushing or panicking thats when things begin to go wrong. Its exciting to now have multiple designs that I can now layer together and see the collection pulling together. I spent more time today printing on the dark green fabrics as I felt that I needed to do this so I could begin to visualise the collection. The dark green fabrics needed a white layer under the pigments to allow the colours to stand out. Also the Herringbone Linen needs to be ironed down to the print table as it moves a lot during printing which causes issues when trying to match up registry marks.

Final Collection: Collection Printing #2


Today was another full blown day of printing and I was really excited to print this design. This design is something I designed very early on and is the first design that I have printed that incorporates all of the colour palette. I was really pleased with the the outcome. I feel that it showcases the colour palette and tested my printing skills as it all finely interlinks. The dark green does slightly bleed and I think this may be because of the consistency of the pigment, I will keep this in mind with the rest of my printing in this colour.

Final Collection: Collection Printing #1


Today I began to print the final collection, I had previously mixed up the pigments and was ready to print. The first hurdle I had to overcome was getting the vibrancy right on the darker coloured fabrics. I found that adding white to the pigments thickened them up and made them more opaque however it altered them too far from the colour palette. Therefore, I found it more effective to print a white background and then print the design over the top.  It allowed the vibrancy to come through properly but adds in another step.

Final Collection: Dyeing


The beginning of this week has been entirely devoted to dyeing the base fabrics for the collection. Due to the time I have previously spent in the dye labs it was simple to mix up the dye baths. However, some dye baths weren’t quite the same as previously recorded. Fortunately because of the time I had spent in the dye labs I had a deeper understanding of how to adjust the colours accordingly. Dyeing is definitely a labour of love. I am now really looking forward to printing on the coloured backgrounds.

Cushion Idea Development

I have been thinking of ways in which to create my floor cushions and how I want them to look. When speaking to Maggie she made it very clear that the products in the display need to be purposeful and not just endless props. Therefore, I really want to make a floor cushion to encapsulate all the research into dining on the floor and I also feel that collection would be sold to somewhere fun and edgy that would embrace the Korean tradition.

I want the cushions to showcase co-ordinate designs and empathises how interchangeable the collection can be. I would also want them to look more like pieces of furniture rather than an extra like a throw cushion. When researching I found this video on mattress style cushions and I like the how they mattress style hem looks like an upholstery technique.

The main purpose of this project is to create a east meets west style and when in Korean we dined on very thin square cushions. I want to bring the dining experience to the west but also make it appropriate for that market. Therefore, I want to keep the cushions square but maybe thicker and be filled with a more supportive foam.

Design Development #

Screen Shot 2017-03-24 at 16.41.20

After yesterdays tutorial I wanted to get started on the sub collections I had decided upon. I started playing around with the shapes of one of the buildings and it quickly developed into an array of layouts. I wanted to experiment with borders and all overs and it was interesting to see what shapes developed when reflecting and mirroring the shape. I thought that the second design was the most successful and I want to experiment more with block shapes and combining in other patterns with the buildings. I feel that I need to experiment with the thickness of the lines as they are all pretty similar throughout these designs and also experiment with scale more. When designing I need to take into consideration that the design will then be developed for screen printing and I need to work within the confinements of this.